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Raquel Aurilia
Finding My Way
by Karla Ash

For a new young artist,
Finding My Way would certainly be an apt title for a debut. However, that cannot be applied to the powerful voice that is introduced here. Singer/songwriter Raquel Aurilia is the wife of baseball player Rich Aurilia (he was with the Cincinnati Reds last season, sports fans), but it is she who scores the home run here. With the opening song, the exhilarating “Feels Like,” Aurilia already has her first hit in the game. Some of you might be familiar with “Feels Like” from Adult Contemporary radio. If you aren’t, if you’re a fan of female-driven Adult Contemporary pop it shouldn’t be missed. “Feels Like” is one of those tracks that begin with rainy-day sorrow and then split into a grin once the chorus strikes. Compare it to weather in the Pacific Northwest.

Produced by Grammy Award winner Tony Papa,
Finding My Way will not sound like anything in your indie collection. It is a slick effort; every sound in the studio is captured with crystalline clarity. Aurilia has an emotional voice that is nevertheless restrained when the lyrics could’ve had her emoting too much. Whether the discipline originates with old pro Papa remains to be seen. Aurilia never sticks with one style, venturing into alternative rock with “One Step Closer” while “The Need” soothes the soul and ears with its easy listening lushness.

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