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Regina Spektor
May 7, 2006 – Chop Suey – Seattle, WA
May 21, 2006
by Ashley Graham

Let’s assess what we’ve come to love about Regina Spektor. Her albums make our head spin. She’s always banging away on that drum, or clicking her fingers, or making odd noises with her mouth that we didn’t know were possible. And she’s adorable. Those big eyes and big lips are just intoxicating! We’re not quite sure we’ve ever figured out her personality, but we’re going to just go ahead and be blinded by the rest of the picture.

Spektor’s a talent—from the moment she steps on the stage to the moment she steps off, and every moment in between. She was born with amazing talents and she has put them to good use, making music that is both skillful and resoundingly refreshing. 2004’s
Soviet Kitsch was perfectly quirky and the accompanying live shows only solidified our newfound love. Regina’s amazing.

She might know that. It’s hard to say. Her quiet demeanor and refusal to be photographed is a little irking, but presence and personality be damned, the lady puts on a hell of a show! The crowd loves the old stuff considerably more than they do the new, but the energy throughout the evening is positive.

And about the new album…

Be ready for a whole new Regina Spektor. 2006 is her year, and
Begin to Hope is her album. Watch for knock-you-on-your-ass gems “Fidelity” and “Better” starting off an album that will leave you breathless.