Robbers on High Street/The Sun
December 5, 2004 - Crocodile Cafe - Seattle, WA
review by Ashley Graham
On their third trip through Seattle in less than five months, Robbers on High Street continued to amaze during their show at the Crocodile.

Opening the night was Columbus, Ohio based The Sun.  An unlikely band of collective misfits, The Sun has the music to help you look past their disheveled appearance.  Their songs are upbeat, albeit a little violent in lyrical content at times, and are for the most part quite fun.  They are fairly somber performers, not saying much, not moving much, but the babble in between songs of lead singer Chris Burney, though sometimes indecipherable, makes up for it. Their set isn’t long, but just long enough to keep the crowd’s interest, and it does.

And then there is Robbers on High Street.  What more can I say about this band that I have not already expressed in my three previous reviews?  They have great, catchy, infectious songs? Said it.  They give a performance rarely seen from bands as young as them? Said it.  They make you feel like you’re watching something about to become big? Said it.

What I will say about Robbers on High Street this time around is that they never disappoint.  They are consistently great every time I see them and they maintain a fresh, open and carefree attitude on stage.  They seem like nice guys who are playing music because they love to play music.  And the music is really damn good.  They have an on stage rapport with one another, especially singer Ben Trokan and guitarist Steve Mercado on this particular night, that will charm any audience member.

“Why don’t you tell them about your exploits today?” Trokan says near the end of the set to Mercado. All four of them laugh.

“So I was putting gas in the van,” Mercado begins, “and I blank out, drive off, tear the hose from the pump.”

“And the first thing he said,” Trokan picks up, “is, ‘This stays between us.’”

“Yeah but it’s funny, man,” Mercado responds, laughing.

If you still have yet to check out Robbers on High Street, I STILL encourage you do so.  Their EP
Fine Lines is out now on New Line Records, and their debut full-length will be out in early 2005.  For more information go to
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