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Rock Coffee, Rock On
David v. Goliath in the Spokane music scene
by Ashley Graham

Consider this our public show of support for the staff and crew at Rock Coffee in Spokane, WA. Their big behemoth of a nasty neighbor, the Big Easy, has lodged a complaint about their noise and now their landlordís giviní Ďem the boot. Thankfully, Rock Coffee will soldier on in a new location, but in the interim, the Spokane music scene will suffer.

For the first time in my 22 years of experiencing Spokane, I'd finally happened upon a venue that was all-ages, clean, welcoming and great. It was a place for me, and it was a place for my 60 year old grandma (on July 13, for the sake of argument). It had some of the best local music around, and its booker Patrick was hard at work bringing in the best from outside the local scene.

Once the new location is in place, Rock Coffee will continue to thrive because it has been built by people who actually care about their community, and have worked hard, and tirelessly, to make it what it is. Itís my hope that Spokane will take it as an example of what we should strive for, as it has made, and will continue to make, us better than we were before it arrived.

And a word to the Big Easy: Nobody likes you. Youíve become a cesspool for post-college age losers who parade around in bland no-personality clothing with bland no-personality attitudes of life. You donít love Spokane, and youíre a prime example of all that is wrong with it. Get your high horse moviní and get the hell out of here.

Long live Rock Coffee! Best of luck to all in the moving process. We'll be first in line at the doors on opening day at the new space.

We love you much!

Ashley and the Wig staff
Spokane, Seattle, Los Angeles, and beyond

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