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Rocky Votolato
by Katie Sauro

Rocky Votolato releases a new album just about every year, but fans started to get a little restless, maybe even a bit worried, when he hadn’t put out a record since 2003. But after officially retiring his indie-punk band, Waxwing, and joining the Barsuk family, Votolato is back with a vengeance with his newest album,

The singer/songwriter/Seattle-based indie god’s fourth full-length album is a collection of gentle, countrified acoustic numbers, opening with the tender “White Daisy Passing,” probably the best song on the album with Votolato’s normally gruff voice becoming soft and sweet as it intertwines with pretty harmonization (complements of Christian Wargo of Crystal Skulls). 

The entire album exudes this kind of bittersweet sentiment, but not always so slowly, nor so quietly. A few songs on
Makers pick up the pace a bit, such as “Uppers Aren’t Necessary,” a quick, finger-picking folk song, complete with accordion. Others include “Tennessee Train Tracks,” fraught with pedal steel guitar, and “Tinfoil Hats,” on which Votolato employs his trademark harmonica. 

To sum it up in just three words: worth the wait.

For more information on Rocky and
Makers hit up, and be sure to check out The Wig's review of Rocky's CD release show on January 28!