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Sasquatch 2006 coverage...

May 21, 2006
by Leanda Quinquet

Zach Rogue is front man of California-based pop-rock brilliance, known as Rogue Wave. After spending the spring on tour with Nada Surf, the band heads to Sasquatch, but not before Rogue took time to chat about life on the road, the recording of
Descended like Vultures and the bandís future plans.

How you doing?

I'm cold....We just came from Montreal and it's way colder here!

Where are you based?

California, Oakland

How's the tour going?

Good, this is the last night of the tour with Nada Surf.

How did you hook up with those lads?

They just asked us to play with them...they really liked our music, and they heard that we were really handsome and they were right!

Your record Descended like Vultures was released not too long ago...where was that recorded?

In Oregon City, which is about 20 minutes south of Portland, Oregan. I produced it with a guy called Bill Racine. We produced the first record together too...

You all live in the same city?

Yeah we all live in the same city, we just drove up to Oregon, camped out for a week and a half and lived in the studio.

When did you sign to Sub Pop?

In the begining of 2004...

Do you enjoy touring? You look tired...

Yeah...I think it's good to do in small doses, but we've been out for about two months now and that's just not cease to exist in reality. You're not living a normal life...we'll I guess your description of normal is variable at best, but most people don't drive around all the time in a van with smelly men.

Awwww come on now....sounds like heaven!

It's our own little slice...yeah (laughs)

Who does the majority of the writing?

I write the songs. I write, and try to arrange most of it on my own. The more we play together the more we start to collaborate on musical ideas, but usually I have an idea of what I want.

How did you all meet back in the day?

I recorded the first record and sent it out as a demo to audition people, I posted ads and started auditioning people....and now here we are living in a van.

You're doing SXSW this year....have you done it before?

No, this'll be the first time. So I think it's going to be pretty insane, we're going to be busy for like three days, a lot of playing...I heard Neil Young is going to speak, so I kinda want to hear him, and Kris Kristofferson is going to be playing. I was looking at a list of free shows and there are a crap load of bands I want to see...

Do you listen to a lot of music when you're on tour?

Well in the van you have to be democratic about it...


My iPod broke right before the tour started...what they don't tell you is when you fill the memory up to pretty much the end of it, they start to crap out...well mine have, the last three...they all keep breaking...maybe I shouldn't keep putting so much music on them!

What are the plans for the rest of the year?

I'm not certain yet...we just cancelled our tour to Europe, which was to start in April...we decided not to do that. I know we're going to play the Sasquatch Festival in May...then we're going to take a little break and start working on new music.

Where can people find out more Rogue Wave and what you do? You have a nifty website....

You like that huh? friend Derrick built that site, the address is

Thank you, Zach.

Thank you!

Rogue Wave plays the Main Stage at 12:15pm on Saturday. For a complete schedule, head to