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Robbers on High Street
May 15, 2007 - Neumoís - Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

Seattle, where were you? Iíve never seen Robbers on High Street play to a crowd this small. Granted, Iíve never seen Ďem play Neumoís either, but this small little gathering would have looked just as tiny at the Croc.

After playing almost too-consistently in Seattle in Ď05/early Ď06 (I even skipped their show in Seattle last spring because it was just too much), the Robbers crew took a break, reconfigured themselves, ditched a dude, gained a couple of dudes, and wrote some new songs. The result? Better than ever.

Though it was an impossibly short set, Robbers reminded all in attendance the strength of their previous ventures, and told tales of the strength of what is to come. They spent a chunk of time in LA this past year recording, recording, recording, and the fruits of their labor sounded pretty damn good (once Katie and I got over the fact that not having seen them in so long made us crave the oldies).

Itís hard to imagine this band isnít bigger than they are, but then again itís hard not to feel that way when youíve been watching them for what feels forever. We at The Wig have been fans since that debut EP,
Fine Lines was released, when JEREMY was in the band (remember then?), which gives all the more cause for excitement for the new disc, Grand Animals, due outÖ soon, we hope.

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