Robbers on High Street
Fine Lines
review by Ashley Graham
Stepping into the alternative music scene as a young band with a familiar sound is not an easy task.  Comparisons are likely to typecast even the strongest of contenders, labeling them from the start to be either loved or dismissed based upon countless critical opinions.

Enter Robbers on High Street, a band of four young, slim, casually-dressed men, hailing from New York with a half alternative-half retro sound.

While nearly every review you would read about Robbers' debut EP "Fine Lines" will compare it to the similar sounds of the New York music scene, dismissing it based upon those comparisons would be a grave injustice to the diversity of its contents.  The band has been bogged-down in nearly every review as a rip-off of The Strokes, when nearly every song of their debut serves to refute that.

The crisp, clean-cut vocals of Ben Trokan excel on tracks like the heartfelt "Opal Ann" and the catchy "If You Let Me."  And the rest of the disc is marked by the same charms; strong lyrics brought to life by fun music and a refreshing sound.

After relentless touring to support the EP, it will be interesting to see what the future may hold for Robbers on High Street.  In the meantime, you would be wise to check out their strong first effort.
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