Robbers on High Street
August 8, 2004 - Crocodile Cafe - Seattle, WA
review by Ashley Graham
While their debut EP "Fine Lines" may have been lost in the sea of reviews comparing it to fellow New York City wonders The Strokes, it is impossible to deny that Robbers on High Street have something to offer after seeing them perform live.

For only being the opener of tonight's show, to headliners Ambulance LTD, Robbers play an extensive set which includes all of "Fine Lines" along with many promising songs that are sure to appear on their full length LP, set for release early next year.

Maybe it is because they have not been together for that long and are not already exhaustingly road-worn, or maybe it is because they know that the market today is extremely difficult in their given genre, either way Robbers know what they want to accomplish and they do it.

On stage they are focused.  They break between songs for quick banter, but for the most part are intent on getting through the set.  Even if the audience lags, the band's energy does not stop.  Lead singer Ben Trokan flies from guitar to keyboard with ease.  His vocals are of that perfected quality that they never disappoint, they sound like the album but pack a little extra punch live, something rare with many bands relatively new to performing.

Outdoing the headliners on this particular night, Robbers are without a doubt an act to be seen.
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