Robbers on High Street
September 24, 2004 - Easy Street Records - Seattle, WA
review by Ashley Graham
After seeing countless bands ruin my dreams of the possibility of the perfect in-store performance, finally one band has risen to the occasion.  I have seen bigger names grace the quaint stage at Easy Street, but it was small New York City band Robbers on High Street who blew the competition away.

It only being my second time seeing this relatively young band, my expectations were low for their in-store.  Re-scheduled after they missed their appearance last August due to a broken-down van, Robbers were more than ready to wow the crowd.  And they did.

They played ten songs, featuring all of their debut EP and several songs to be featured on their debut album due out in January.  Throughout the forty minute-plus set, the boys of Robbers are non-stop.  Despite the fact that it is obvious that only a handful of people in the small crowd have ever, before this day, heard a Robbers song, the performance is amazing.  The songs are played with a freshness that is rare among bands who have been touring non-stop, as Robbers has.  The instruments are sharp and singer Ben Trokan's voice aces at every note. 

Robbers on High Street have perfected this to a routine in such a way that it never appears routine. They are candid and smiling and young and new.  They are having a good time and want everyone to join in.

This is a band that knows what they are doing, has all the elements for success, and the music to back up any hype they may receive.  It will be a glorious day when someone finally decides to give Robbers on High Street their due attention.
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