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The Russian Futurists
Our Thickness
by Melissa Mueller

If you are one of those people that tend to like obscure music that would make other people wrinkle their nose and frown, then
Our Thickness by The Russian Futurists is up your alley.

It is doubtful that Matthew Adam Hart, the singer and sole member of the band was actually inspired by authentic Russian music when creating this album. Rather, it appears that upbeat, experimental beats fused with unconceivable lyrics is indeed the ‘future’ for Hart.

The record is filled with inconsistencies. “Why You Gotta Do That Thing” sounds more like it would be the background beat for a hip hop song than a pop song. Skip ahead to “These Seven Notes” and you’d swear you were watching a children’s television program or at the circus with the creepily unison female background singers. All the while Hart’s soft-spoken, and barely noticeable voice carries on amidst the guitar in songs like “Hurtin’ 4 Certain.”

Our Thickness is one of those types of albums that will only catch on with a few people. I predict an underground following for Hart and his futuristic vision.

Bottom line: If you like music that your friends would normally label as “too weird” snatch up
Our Thickness. In a couple of months, they’ll come back to you asking you the name of “that cool Russian band” once it hits underground status.