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Left of Center
San Francisco electro-pop darlings Scissors for Lefty make music worthy of dusting off those dancing shoes!
August 25, 2005
by Leanda Quinquet

Bands that instigate mad movement in their listeners through dance-inducing songs are truly few and far between these days. I’m talking about the jump-up-and-spaz-out type stuff, the get-up-and-shake-your-thang tunes. But this void in your music collection is about to be filled, things are swiftly changing, and the San Francisco electro-pop scene is at the core of this change. Scissors for Lefty, west coast purveyors of cool electro-pop glory, will pick you up, rock you hard and drop you reeling with a sweet, sweet sigh of satisfaction.

The band has been together for five years and is a tight group of friends who, in the words of Bryan Garza, their charming front man, “like to spend time together and just get off on writing songs. It’s exciting for us to make another one happen," he says "Music is the by-product of us hanging out.”

These lads love each other, spend a lot of time together and create beautiful, upbeat and humorous music that embodies the fun they share with one another. The positive energy these lads have towards each other comes shining through in every song. They’re a group of friends you never knew you had; quirky and cute even down to the nicknames they have for each other. Peter Krimmel (keyboard/guitar), Bryan Garza (vox/guitar) and James Krimmel (bass/guitar) are the founders of the band and met in San Luis Obispo, CA in 2000. “We got together with the intention of creating a band straight away,” Bryan says, as he talks about the other members, the collective they affectionately call PB&J. The band eventually relocated to San Francisco, and at the beginning of this year Bryan’s uncle, Robby Garza (drummer/guitar), a few years his senior, joined the band. Now, amongst friends, they’re known as PB&J on Rye.

When asked about the scene at home for the band's style of music Bryan claims “San Fran is full of music inspired by electro-pop stuff, people here like to go out dancing.” Lucky for them, Scissors for Lefty cash into that market 110 percent.

The band's debut album,
Bruno, was released late last year and was a much-awaited disc in the Bay area. “For ages we were giving out CDs of tracks, every show a different one, mixes of the same songs. Then we finally put the record together. Peter was married, as was the band's original drummer, and their wives demanded that they produce a tangible product after all the late nights and weekends they were missing. It really pushed us to get a record started. That’s where the record came from, motivation from someone else!” Bryan laughs as he recalls the band's initial driving force behind the recording.

The majority of the songwriting for the record was a joint effort by the three core members of the band. Bryan is the band's lyricist, and a delightful one at that.  His words are beautifully poetic, thought provoking, captivating and often sharply witty. And his way with them, coupled with his soft, lilting vocals and smooth, cocky delivery, is enough to make any unsuspecting boy or girl melt.

Bruno was an independently-released, self-produced record. “We recorded in the hallway and bedroom of a place I lived in last year," Bryan recalls. "It was great, above a Chinese rug store. There was nobody to the left, right, above or below us. We really did not pay attention to how nice it was to have a home like that when we left it. One or two songs were recorded in my parents’ garage and before that we recorded a few songs in a house in San Luis Obispo.” The resulting product is a disc brimming with brilliant pop songs, featuring sing-along tunes and packed with memorable melodies you just can’t seem to shake.

When asked about the odd title of the album Bryan is happy to recount the strange story. “Well, first of all we were going to call it 'Bristles'," he says, laughing. "I was taking a bath and I had this comb and it had bristles on it. I was playing with them and I thought it was kind of funny…'huh…bristles…that’s a fun name!' But later I learned it didn’t really have much personality and didn’t relate to all of us." There were other names that the band tossed around and one of those was a nickname that Peter used to call Bryan. “Bruno Garza," Bryan says in a phoney Spanish accent. "because that’s what he thought Bryan was in Spanish, but it’s not!! There is no Spanish translation! I’d be like, 'Look Peter that’s not the way to say it!!'” That same year the band found out that Bryan's apartment property manager's father was called Bruno. Then his uncle and aunt, who lived in San Bruno, were saved by their dog Bruno when their house caught fire. An unlikely bunch of Brunos came into their lives. “Bruno’s not a name you hear often, so we felt comfortable using it because it had so much popularity,” says Bryan, fondly. And thus the album title was born and the band released yet another Bruno into the world. 

So what’s the plan for the rest of the year for Scissors for Lefty? Bryan is excited about the band's current project. “We’re in the process of recording now. It’s actually an EP, and we’re recording with someone else. We also have another 15 songs that we’d like to put on an album, but first we’re going to do this EP.” When asked where people can find out more about the band Bryan quips, “I’d say, take me out to lunch…I don’t have a job, but I like to eat a lot!”

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