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Scissors for Lefty
by Leanda Quinquet

You don’t need me to tell you that electro-pop has made one hell of a come back, but bands that do it well are few and far between. Cue San Francisco’s Scissors for Lefty, a fresh, sharp and witty bunch of lads who have created a record that depicts just as much.

Bruno the band produces tunes smothered in dirty synth, slinky bass lines, screeching guitars, breathy vocals and smart lyrics. The record is packed with powerful dance-inducing tracks (think Gravy Train stylings) as well as sporting a few ballads which are simple and sweet in their delivery. The song “Nine Clouds” is a prime example of how the band can slow down the pace and produce tunes that appeal to the listener on a more sensitive level.

Having said this, ultimately SFL’s music is all about getting you moving and having a good time. The first track “Ghetto Ways” has a brilliant retro disco vibe, a great dynamic song to start off the record. For an album recorded in a home studio the production is top notch. Although each track may differ slightly in style, the record still flows really well; its eclectic nature maintains your interest.

The record varies in styles and mood from track to track; you will find elements of jazz, funk, rock and pop throughout. If you are well versed in the early Brit-pop scene and are familiar with artists such as Hefner, Suede, Pulp and the Cure, you should definitely check out these guys for a fresh electro twist on a much-loved genre.
Bruno is a great little guy to have around—a constant companion and a true pick me up for those days needing a little spark, flare and saucy humor.

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