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Scissors for Lefty/Casy+Brian
December 3, 2005 – The Paradox – Seattle, WA
by Katie Sauro and Ashley Graham

A slim, sexy young man in eyeliner and tight pants slinks across the stage, seductively looking each audience member in the eye as he serenades them with intermingling whispery vocals and gasps. At one point he jumps off stage and struts through the crowd, mic in hand, crooning and shaking his hips.

No, it’s not Bowie, but it’s pretty damn close. Bryan Garza of electro-pop four-piece Scissors for Lefty, like so many others, is attempting to capture Bowie’s glam pop-icon essence in his performance. But unlike his counterparts, Garza’s seduction is pure, not trite, and his natural stage presence is undeniable, making him something most bands lack—not just a lead singer, but a frontman.

In only their second trip to Seattle, Scissors’ set started off a little slowly, playing to a relatively small crowd of kids who didn’t really know what to expect, as well as a group of inconsiderate a-holes who even sat down in the middle of the floor to watch the band.  But as the set progressed and more people filtered in, escorted as they did so by striking dance-pop, the crowd finally began to respond, and pretty soon, most of them were dancing along.

And that includes the band. Garza’s smooth sensuality was contrasted by adorable keyboardist Peter Krimmel, who seemed to dance to his own rhythm (if you can call it that), jerking back and forth and side to side to bubbly songs from their debut album,
Bruno. Scissors played most of the songs off said album, a collection of playful rhythms and endearing lyrics, tossing in a few new ones along the way, to an audience newly-enamored (and well they should be) with the San Francisco cuties.

Following Scissors was Seattle two-piece Casy+Brian, who enjoyed the ultimate in cushy, enviable line-up positions: They got to play on the floor, in the midst of a pack of teens, yards from the real stage. (Don’t worry, there’s a “but” coming on…) BUT! these boys know how to rock it and even though the kids were not having it (they fucking scattered!), it was their loss. With energy to spare, Casy Marquis and Brian McCarthy hammered through screamed vocals, wailing drums and bouncing keys and satisfied the hell out of us who stayed out there to watch them (rough estimate body count: 6).

More information on the wonderful, the amazing, the worship-worthy Scissors for Lefty is available at Hit up for more on Casy+Brian.

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