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Scissors for Lefty / Dirty Pretty Things
August 8, 2006 - Henry Fonda Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
by Ashley Graham

Wooooo baby had I missed Scissors for Lefty. It’d been since, what, DECEMBER since I’d seen them last? Well, we’re never letting that happen again…

This, the first night of their brief stint opening up for Carl Barat-fronted Dirty Pretty Things, was a delight and a half for this Seattle fan, who’s used to seeing them jammed onto a tiny stage with a crowd that seems unfamiliar and unreceptive (get yr act together, Seattle, I say!). The boys debuted a whole slew of tracks from their upcoming Rough Trade record, due out this fall in the UK. All were fantastic, needless to say. Highlights? Hmmm. “Nickels and Dimes” was a crowd favorite, and my personal favorite of the new batch. “Next to Argyle” and something like “Mama Yer Boy…” were also completely amazing.

The Garzas and Krimmels know how to put on a damn fine show--Bryan in particular being a completely perfect front man, though this fan DOES happen to prefer him being able to jump off the stage and peruse the crowd on the ground level. But, fact remains, whether they’re performing for a crowd that loves ‘em, doesn’t have a CLUE who the fuck they are, or a mixed bag of dancers and standers, Scissors for Lefty is consistently energetic, forceful, and loveable. This means… any night with them will be one gigantic success. Yep.

Barat? Dirty Pretty Things? I stayed for a  few songs. Truth is, I found out I can no longer be bothered to still care about anything Libertines-related. Overexposure’s a bitch. for more info.