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The Wig Fits All Heads dot com presents:
We Wrote the Book on Connectors/Seaweed Jack

January 20, 2006 – The Rendezvous/Jewel Box Theatre – Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

Our first entry into concert promotion = success. Yes, those crazy Seattle concertgoers not up at Neumos rocking out at Three Imaginary Girls’ Best of Northwest showcase on January 20 were hopefully down at the Rendezvous, shakin’ their bon bon and rockin’ their moustaches to We Wrote the Book on Connectors and Seaweed Jack. (Ricky Martin reference in celebration of my dear, dear Nana FINALLY getting to see her modern day Romeo—save Papa, of course—on January 23! Woohoo!)

If you didn’t hear the news already, The Wigsters are head over heels for the Jack boys from Spokane. A high energy set last December might have been their first foray into Seattle (see Seaweed Jack – December 20), but we’re all convinced this January performance was the highlight of our relationship thusfar. Audiences are easily won over by this band’s eclectic tracks and lovable stage presence. SJ displays a performing prowess well beyond their years, and even further beyond their modest homebase. 

And what is there to say about We Wrote the Book on Connectors? A wacky and wild bunch of nerds, WE is about the wackiest and wildest bunch of nerd rock you’ll hear pumping through the collective Seattle music scene. WE manages to be inescapable by way of being intoxicatingly abnormal—a sight that’s both undeniably peculiar, and undeniably impossible to take your eyes from. A small group of WE fans stood closest to the stage, but the likable vibes were felt throughout the room, especially at The Wig’s table, where a particular someone’s aunt was really quite taken with the band (and even walked away from the night with one of the band’s sampler discs).

And we also had new buttons.

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Feeling bummed that you missed out? And, boy oh boy and man alive, did you ever miss out! But alas! We love you still, and details are forthcoming on our next wild musical adventure. Stay tuned to The Wig for all the fantabulous details.