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Seaweed Jack
July 13, 2006 - Rock Coffee - Spokane, WA
by Ashley Graham

I feel like a re-cap of this night could really be summed up in three words: I miss Spokane. I have had a love-hate relationship with Spokane for as long as I can remember. While I reviled it in high school, I’ve learned to love it when I return from school at the holidays and during the summer. The recent month that I spent in Spokane solidified my love for it. The success of the venture falls at the hands of several things, first and foremost of which is of course my family and friends, but also a couple of important fixtures in the Spokane music scene: Rock Coffee, and Seaweed Jack.

Rock Coffee is the kind of place I always wanted to exist in Spokane when I lived there. I wanted to have a place that I could go to almost any night of the week and be guaranteed some form of entertainment. I attended a few shows while back home and, though all were not of a variety I might usually enjoy, I was glad to be there, seeing and experiencing the local music scene, and supporting it. It is in places like Rock Coffee that one feels on the level of those working hard to make that scene thrive. And it does thrive there.

Whether it was that Thursday night I ended up at Rock with my friend Angela and wound up seeing the latest band of an acquaintance from high school (awkwarrrrd), or the next week when Geoff and I cringed our way through VCR, or the following week when I was knocked sideways by locals Belt of Vapor (
read Anthony’s review), or that final night in Spokane when I got to see my favorite boys one last time--Rock Coffee is one of my favorite places in Spokane. (And it will continue to be, even after its move.)

And where to begin with Seaweed Jack. It has been just one year that I have known this music, and these fine gentlemen, but in that year I’ve become acquainted with them, their goals, their individual personalities, their quirks and their strengths, and I can say with confidence that I have never wanted a band to succeed more.

The first time I wrote about Seaweed Jack I was writing for Spokane publication
The Finger. I remember my dad picking up a copy on his lunch and calling me as soon as he was back in his office to say “Their songs go on ‘for-fucking-ever’, huh?” It has grown on me, needless to say, and they have grown on me, and looking back at that article now, well, it embarrasses me. The past year, I have seen them play 7 times (Spokane readers will laugh at the low number). Three of those shows I booked them at, one of those shows was god-awful, but all of them made me smile, and helped me to see more and more potential in what I believe to be an amazing band.

Not only is Seaweed Jack the highlight of the Spokane music scene, they are the highlight of my personal music collection. They have accompanied me to a job interview in LA, they have accompanied me on road trips, they’ve accompanied me during finals week, during those wee hours of the night when I’m trying to hit a deadline, and they’ve accompanied me when I’ve relocated to a new city and needed to feel at home (NOW!). They are a constant companion, and I remain a loyal fan.

The four weeks in Spokane would not have been the same without them, and Rock Coffee, and all of those fabulous Spokanites who crossed my path. So thank you to Anthony, Geoff, Jack, Brian, Patrick, Angela, Sarah, Meghann, Emily, Erin, Sofia, T, Deanie, Grandma, Tony… Mom and Dad. Spokane would never mean as much without you in it.

(Annnnnd… scene.)