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Sea Wolf
Get to the River Before it Runs too Low
by Adam Toth

Sometimes I wonder why bands release EPs instead of full albums. There are usually a few basic reasons: they didnít have enough songs for a full length, they wanted to release a ďsingleĒ independently of the full album and throw in a few b-sides to make for a pre-release EP, or that theyíre just starting out as a band and want to focus on just a few songs and make sure they sound as impressive as possible and show no weakness. Iím going to go with the latter, because, otherwise, Sea Wolf should be definitely releasing a full length.

Get to the River... is one of the better EPs Iíve heard in a very long time. Itís probably my favorite since I reviewed Joemca in the winter. Each song follows a similar sound, but also varies just enough to keep them from drowning together. Iím a sucker for a good songwriter, and Sea Wolf has caught my attention. Probably the only negative to this album is how frigginí short it is. For a band this good, only be able to listen to them for less than 20 minutes is a killer. Youíll just want it to keep going and end up cursing out the band  that you were just praising. Thatís why I can only hope this is a sign of things to come.

Another little thing Iíd like to point out / got a kick out of is Sea Wolfís quirky little wolf obsession. The first song in the debut EP, "Youíre a Wolf," might be a good example of that. Itís actually a great song, meaningful, and especially perfect for an intro song, but I still canít help but chuckle when the line is delivered ďYouíre a wolf, boy.Ē

With the exception of the wolf reference in not only their songs, but their MySpace page as well, Sea Wolf is nothing of a joke. This band is for real, and their songs are not only very moving but painted with a stroke of artistic genius. In fact, I hesitate to write anymore because I donít feel Iíll do this band justice, but trust me in that Sea Wolf belongs on your CD shelf, iTunes library or whatever you use. I can see indie rock fans of all types flooding towards Sea Wolf in the future, but if youíre a fan of outstanding singer songwriting talent, especially the likes of anything from Andrew Bird to Elliott Smith, youíll especially enjoy Sea Wolf.

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