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Read why our El Corazon show on September 24 is going to rock you silly.
by Katie Sauro and Ashley Graham

You know, that phrase “a match made in heaven” is thrown around pretty frequently, and while we’re all about avoiding cliché… we just can’t here. Birdmonster and Division Day were born to play together. They’re all best friends, that’s A. And B, well, they just compliment each other so well. A recent preview of this dual tour (which is in support of their recent releases
No Midnight and Beartrap Island, respectively) at Spaceland in LA sold us on the bands’ stage-sharing dynamic. Division Day’s set is straight-up fun, and Birdmonster’s follows damn-near perfectly with an energy and craziness that is oh-so-satisfying. Match made in heaven, we’re stickin’ by it. Read more about this fantastic line up below, and catch the show on September 24 at the lovely El Corazon... IT'S ALL AGES!

If I tried to count the number of days in the string last spring that Birdmonster's
No Midnight inhabited my discman (YEAH DISCMAN), I'd likely come up quite short. Truth is, it was in there a REALLY LONG DAMN TIME. I never got tired of the dumb thing! The reason, of course, being, that it is awesome. With catchiness, energy and personality (big!) to spare, Birdmonster comes out on top by being completely inescapable on the disc, on the stage, and off. Released on spinART on August 29, No Midnight should no doubt already inhabit your disc collection, but if it has not (rumor, okay just history, has it that the band has only played Seattle once... and it was at the Rainbow... collective smirk) then it's time to catch Birdmonster in all their glory. The $8 entry charge pales in comparison to the joy that is to be had inside the doors of El Corazon. AG

I’m not saying they’re genre sluts, but having opened for folk-poppers Cass McCombs and the electro-influenced Minus the Bear, and now on a west coast tour with the punked-out Birdmonster, Division Day’s jangly guitars and keys can pretty much fit in with any lineup, at any venue, in any city. So maybe I am calling them sluts, but is that such a bad thing? The L.A.-based four-piece has even won indie god John Vanderslice and the infamous Scott Solter over, recording their recently-released album,
Beartrap Island, at both the former and the latter’s San Francisco studios. Methinks it's time to come check out the Vanderslice-approved hot slutty action! KS

Riding the new wave of new wave is White Gold, four local boys gaining notoriety for synth-oriented pop and tight tight pants. Their sound (Duran Duran meets “Disco Inferno” meets guitar-heavy garage rock), along with frontman Whitney Gould’s sob-fest vocals, are ideal for the ultimate '80s dance party, and the rare all-ages setting provides the younger crowd with a glimpse of decades past. They’ve perfected the art of rocking the Crocodile—let’s see just how hard they can rock a venue three times it’s size.

I just LOVE ambitious bands. I love them so much that I booked Town Crier tunes-unheard. (That was supposed to read like sight-unseen, did it work?). It's true that these fine ladies only have one track up on their MySpace page, but the kind words of bill-sharer White Gold, teamed with their readiness to commit to the date, made me feel that gut instinct was going to work out just right this time. Afterall, the one track TOTALLY ROCKS, and the pictures that accompany it just cannot be beat. They're new to the scene, they're playing at El Corazon, because, well, dammit, we love them already. Show up when the doors are first propped open because, dammit, early indications show these gals are going to blow... the fuck... up.