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Shake Some Action
Shake Some Action
by Danielle Rollins

Ever wanted to hop into a time machine, travel back to the 1960's--when pop legends like the Beatles and the Who ruled the airwaves--and blast some catchy tune on the radio of your daddy's convertible while speeding to the beach to play volleyball in the sand?  

Me too.  

In lieu of an actual time machine, however, might I suggest the self-titled debut from Shake Some Action, whose fusion of pop and punk puts you right back in that convertible--this time with a skull and crossbones painted on the side. With James Hall at lead guitar, you can expect the same quality that put the Jeunes on the map. Sure, the band doesn't entirely avoid the stereotypical pitfalls of most pop music, and you can't help but notice a few instances of uninspired instrumentals and cliche lyrics (they actually rhyme "she followed me" with "it's meant to be." Oy). They make up for it, though, with edgy, gravel on sandpaper vocals and a few, dare I say, wicked guitar solos. By track six, "Without You," I've brushed my disdain for pop music aside and the stars align as Hall's beat up voice fuses with the sickly sweet lyrics and edgy, yet oddly harmonious instrumentals to create something that, for lack of a better phrase, kicks ass. Think the La's meet Bob Dylan, have a love child and teach him to play guitar.  

The verdict: I may not know how to "shake some action," but, as the last song on the album begins to play, by golly I'm shaking something.

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