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Josephine Sincere
by Karla Ash

Strangely enough, her last name is apt. There doesn’t seem to be one faked emotion on this CD, which is rare in these days of superficiality in pop. Blessed with a glossy, soulful voice, Josephine Sincere surveys the music scene and has a hand in a number of stylistic jars—vintage R&B, smooth jazz, hip-hop. She does them all with grace and self-confidence. Many of the songs are written by Tab Edwards, who co-produced the record, and you could see the adult point-of-view being fed to a younger singer who probably hasn’t experienced these situations. But that’s fine because it is the singing that matters. On “You,” Sincere really knows how to turn up the heat; it’s a slow burner that’ll steam windows and melt speakers.

There’s a tendency for teenaged vocalists to go overboard with their singing, aiming for the heights of Whitney Houston in her prime. Luckily, Sincere is disciplined; she never ventures outside of her range, and she is fully aware of how to use the tools she has been given.

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