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Some Girls
February 14, 2006 – Neumos – Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

If there was a better way to spend Valetine’s Day in Seattle this year than at this show, I don’t know what it was. And I don’t worry, because I know there wasn’t. What could be better than a four-band lineup of boys screaming on this be-all-end-all romantic holiday? Nothing.

Forget the three bands that started the night, this was all about Some Girls for this audience member. I’ve avoided “hardcore” like the plague for years, opting for, well, the band’s featured so prominently on The Wig. I feel fortunate, though, that my introduction to this genre has come in the form of this band, and the other bands on their once-label 31G. Some Girls’ new disc Heaven’s Pregnant Teens blew my mind the second I popped it in the stereo, and the damn live show was about ten times what one could possibly even imagine from the band’s discography. Meaning, wow.

I gotta say, I go to a hell of a lot of concerts, and without ever being smart enough to pack the earplugs along, I’ve not had the ringing sensation since I was about 15—call it disillusioned ears by way of an oft-disillusioned concertgoer. When I got home late the night of Some Girls, though, my ears were ringing so loudly that I couldn’t sleep for hours. And though my ears will probably disagree with me in a few years, it felt pretty damn nice to feel the aftershock of such a great performance.

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