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editor's note
So So Modern
by Sara Huguenard

All I could think of when listening to this cd was what a shame it was that I only got two songs out of this deal.  My collection is in such desperate need of some range these days and I think this was just the kick it needed.

Okay, so – their lyrics are a bit cryptic (more so on Upgrade your Chassis) – but if anything that just adds to the freshness of it.  You will definitely not find the mushy “hey there baby, I will be coming to show my undying love” type lyrics here.  This is a band (four sexy guys, in their evaluation) that is looking to have a good time (if the music doesn’t spell it out for you – check out their myspace:  influenced by “chemical programmery, aural pleasury, collective jammery, at-night skateboardery, urban foolery”!).  And maybe the music isn’t So-So Modern – you cannot deny the powerful influence of old-school Chili Peppers and early 80’s british punk/wave - but perhaps the integration is.  Or, perhaps it is just a sound whose time has finally come around again.  Frankly, I don’t think I have heard quite so much raw “punch” in a tune, let alone two for over a decade now. Memories come rushing back of being introduced to the Jam for the first time.  Ah, memories…

Sadly, as I say, they have only thrown us a bone here, although there are a couple more songs from their mini-album Friendly Fires posted on their myspace, (with two tracks being downloadable – highly recommended).  From the looks of it, they are still in their very early infancy, and as such, being from the other side of the world may not pop up on our shores for a while.  In the meantime keep your eyes / ears peeled for So So Modern.  Anyone with taste should be able recognize the great potential in this band.  And as such, I do believe we will be hearing much much more.

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