The Sounds
April 8, 2004 - Graceland - Seattle, WA
Say what you will about The Sounds' eighties-revisited music, and listen to their album "Living in America" only if you want. But do yourself a favor.  Next time they come to town, go see them.

When The Sounds take the stage they own it.  From the first note to the last they are confident, fun, and inescapable.  The most hesitant crowd member is bobbing his head in tune with the rhythm by the end of the first song.  And even though the room is not full it does not deter from The Sounds' live show.

Frontwoman Maja Ivarsson is brilliant.  With her bleach blonde locks and tightfitting New York Dolls t-shirt, Maja is a force to be reckoned with.  She belts out the lyrics of the songs with attitude; she sneers, she smiles, she laughs and she dances.  Her presence on stage is rivalled by no one else I have ever seen live before.  And her spirit is infectious. 

The room is alive.  People are dancing.  Those who know them are belting out the words right along with Maja.  The music is empowering the room and it is an awe-inspiring event like no other.

The Sounds are ten times the band live that they are on their debut album.  And walking into a Sounds show as a fan is clearly not essential to your walking out satisfied.
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review by Ashley Graham