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Seattle Powerpop Blog Presents: Central Services, Shake Some Action!, Friday Mile
November 3, 2006 - The Mars Bar
by Ashley Graham

I'm a fan of community. I love local bands, I love showing my support of them, I love sharing them with others, and that is, indeed, why I am here. Community for me, and all of us at the Wig, means more than that, though. It also means accepting our peers in the scene--the websites and publications similar to us that work tirelessly to deliver the goods. Actually, I like to think we're above that "accepting" business, I'm a bigger fan of embracing. When I received an email from Seattle Powerpop Blog about their upcoming DEBUT SHOW (EXCITING!!!), I was eager to give it a shout-out (I just said "shout-out" I'm so excited about this!).

I had to do a little research. I, admittedly, didn't know much about the blog. Exclusively tailoring to Seattle area-based bands, the blog features photos, videos, reviews of shows, my personal favorite, show previews and listings, all of bands focused loosely around the genre of, you guessed!, "powerpop." The site launched in late June of this year, and has since grown, launched a MySpace, and NOW, on November 3, will have their first official "Seattle Powerpop Blog presents" show. The lineup and deets are below. Show yr support of the Seattle scene and all of its various parts... it's thrivin'.

Visit the website at:

Essential Info.
The Venue: The Mars Bar
The Support: Central Services / Shake Some Action! / Friday Mile
The Date: November 3
The Time: 9pm
The Price: $6
The Catch: 21