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official wigsters
(updated 08.03.06)

ashley graham (matriarch, writer, photographer)
location: los angeles, ca
if you don't believe me, look at your hand - the moldy peaches

Ashley is a lifetime member of the Barry Manilow Fan Club. As if there were anything else you needed to know about her, she also doesnít know how to ride a bike. Need more? Ashley designed one of The Strokes' official tour t-shirts in April 2004 and she's still talking about it (albeit now only occasionally--but, dude, don't bring it up). She owns seven copies of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and feels compelled to buy another one whenever the properly aged copy presents itself. Though seemingly academic and goal-driven, Ashley is resoundingly at peace with mediocrity. Case in point, she secretly likes the band Plain White Ts. Ashley likes sitting on benches and walking really far for little to no reason, but sometimes really hates going to concerts.

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aim: WigFitsAllHeads

katie sauro (writer)
location: seattle, wa
i finally found my voice and i'm speechless - the thermals

Katie is the biggest
Seinfeld geek you will ever meet. She can relate any given situation or any comment made in real life back to an episode of Seinfeld--and do it word for word. Other than this nerdly obsession, she loves going to live shows, and listening to music in general. Katie cannot imagine living life without the music of Built to Spill, Damien Jurado, or The Decemberists. She was in a bowling league for the past two years and has the shoes to prove it. She's a sucker for a guy with glasses, and easily won over by a cran and vodka...

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leanda quinquet (writer)
location: toronto, ont
iím a proud kitten turned cat - kepler

Leanda is a British born and bred chick who now calls Canada her home. She hosts and produces a radio show, is a music magazine (Paste, Magnet, Rockpile, Urb) junky, a concert attending fiend, and a self proclaimed friendship slut. She loves snazzy comfortable shoes, letters, writing, singing and bikes. She doesn't like holding the support poles in trains, winterfresh flavored gum (apparently it smells like an ointment used to put on cuts in England), and beets. Without music in her life Leanda would be one miserable chicken as she lives, breaths and eats the stuff! Favorite flavors of the moment include Why?, Boom Bip, TV on the Radio, Grizzly Bear, Apostle of Hustle and The Frames.

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additional contributing writers and photographers:
karla ash
brian connolly
dagmar patterson
betsy ellison
emily finkel
erin graham
adam line
brian line
nate manning
devon mcreynolds
melissa mueller
chris mulally
brittian piper
anthony stassi