April 24, 2004 - Easy Street Records - Seattle, WA
If you are, or have ever thought of becoming, a stellastarr* fan you would be wise to avoid one of their acoustic sets.

Their live in-store at Easy Street Records killed a little part of their music for this fan.

To be fair, the sound system did not seem to be at its best.  It is still fact, however, that the set could have been more because the last song, the new and unreleased "On My Own," sounded perfect.  Yet, perhaps that was only because no one knew what it was supposed to sound like.

Lead singer Shawn Christensen's overly intense vocals murdered "In the Walls" and when the set was over a sigh of relief was audible in the crowd, or at least escaped the lips of this attendee.

It will take awhile for my previous opinion of them to be restored.
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review by Ashley Graham