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editor's note
by Karoline Anderson

Berlin based duo, Stereo-Total, bring you the 2007 album of the year,
Paris<-->Berlin, a summer release worth holding onto your ice cream money for.  

Art-punk with a European bloodline, including mellow influences of German and French pop—breeds chic, modern music wrapped in bilingual lyrics of sex and revolution. Francoise Cactus and Brezel Goering take on a variety of instruments to create the rock sensation that is Stereo-Total, conducting solid gold music for more than ten years.
Paris<-->Berlin is brighter and slightly more relaxed than previous releases, essentially sweeter, gentler rock busting with the same sexual drive as sister albums, such as 2005’s Do the Bambi. The libido plays an important role in Paris<-->Berlin alongside another commonly lyricized concept, revolution—“put your Marxism where your mouth is”—yes ma’am.

The album also boasts melodies that are multifarious, yet pleasing and easy to get along with and specifically designed to enhance the lyric’s tone and purpose.  Despite the fact that the majority of tracks are sung in either French or German, they compel the listener to sing along.  Likewise, the music is fun and witty—Francoise and Brezel, for instance, are armed with a Casio and synthesizer; and are smart about applying these less conventional instruments—creating tasteful and dynamic music that is easily appreciated by a variety of genres. 

Paris<-->Berlin is an item of perfection, with a growling sexual drive and sunny tempo, it takes on the most successful musical concepts between Europe and the U.S. and translates them into a crafty, 14-track love affair. This album does not compromise, it is the year’s best. 

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