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Steve Conway
It’s About Time
by Karla Ash

Singer/songwriter Steve Conway is well-schooled in country-music dynamics. Sounding Nashville-bred when it wasn’t an embarrassing to be so, Conway is obviously a seasoned vet who has finally decided to enter the recording studio for himself. And we are certainly a lucky group to be wowed by his presence.
It’s About Time is one of the few country records from last year worth owning; it is a sensitive, reflective affair, an album that succeeds more as a whole than in little pieces. Out of context, “Get the Bait in Shape” doesn’t work as well; within the record, though, it injects some fun into what is an otherwise serious album.

Are there any cowboys that can be called poets? Conway is certainly among them. But the poetry isn’t as much in his words as it is in his singing. To anybody above 30, he’ll have you slapping your forehead with this nagging thought: Where have I heard this man before? The shocking part is that you haven’t.
It’s About Time is Conway’s debut. This is a country album for people who either love—or loathe—the genre. Nearly every track, especially the bittersweet ones, is accessible to a mass audience.

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