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Steven Ross Jahn
South Texas Wind
by Karla Ash

Old-fashioned and incredibly sincere, Steven Ross Jahn’s
South Texas Wind doesn’t seem to fit onto today’s super-slick and manufactured roster of country stars. However, a little over 20 years ago South Texas Wind would’ve been considered a heat seeker on the country charts. This is a no-frills traditional country record, its stylistic turns somewhere between the “Dear John” mourning of Hank Williams, Sr. and the polished crooning of Conway Twitty and Kenny Rogers. Dated? Indeed it is, and that’s a large part of its appeal. Jahn is flashing back to country’s earlier crossover days, when it still had just enough Southern authenticity to still be called country while reaching out to a larger audience.

Jahn knows how to tell a tale - and when to bring you to tears. The best country music can pull the heartstrings, which is what Jahn does on “I Saw Your Picture in the Paper,” “It Had to Be You,” and “Santa Bring My Daddy Home.” There is a glowing, charming innocence to this record that lingers with you no matter if you’re a country fan or not.

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