The Strokes/The Raveonettes
April 15, 2004 - Roseland Theatre - Portland, OR
After a three hour wait outside the venue in the Portland rain, The Strokes had a lot to prove to their diehard fans.

The Raveonettes opened the night with a set that stunned.  The live renditions of "Chain Gang of Love" and "That Great Love Sound" were perfect, and they threw in a cover of "C'mon Everybody" to the thrill of the audience.

The wait for The Strokes was nearly an hour, but the moment they take the stage it is apparent that all the waiting was well worth it.  They sailed into "Automatic Stop" like seasoned professionals and electrified the crowd with pleasers "Reptilia" and the slightly sedated "Under Control."

The crowd was intense and at one moment it seemed the floor of the second story venue might fall through. But the fans didn't seem to care.  They were mesmerized by what stood before them; the shy stand-offish bass playing of Nikolai Fraiture, the intense and frantic guitar of Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond, Jr., the powerful drums of Fabrizio Moretti, and the intoxicating vocals of Julian Casablancas.

The set is short and to the point, but powerful.  For those fifty minutes The Strokes own you and when it's over you leave satisfied.
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review by Ashley Graham