The Strokes/The Raveonettes
April 12, 2004 - Paramount Theatre - Seattle, WA
For the first time since the release of their sophomore album "Room on Fire" The Strokes hit Seattle.  Their show last October was not all it could be after being held in a venue that lead singer Julian Casablancas described as "fugly." But for this show, all the elements were in their favor.

And The Strokes did not disappoint.

Through a set that lasted only a few moments over fifty minutes, they were nonstop.  They blasted through the best of their repertoire, from the hits that made them famous, "Last Nite" and "Someday," to their latest release "Reptilia." The beauty of their "New York City Cops" is hard to draw comparisons to.  The Strokes are pitch perfect, and they play their hearts out.

Casablancas makes comments about Seattle's musical history thoughout the show, claiming at one point to have ripped off Seattle originals Pearl Jam with their song "Is This It?"  His stage presence is powerful, despite the fact that nearly half of his comments are mumbled.

Openers The Raveonettes put on a great set that got the crowd excited.  Dual fronters Sun-Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo perform like they were born to it and though it was only their second night on the tour, there were no signs of their holding back in the least.

For more on the Seattle show, read The Wig's "One Night with The Strokes" by Ashley.
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review by Ashley Graham