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editor's note
Skeletons with Flesh on Them
The Fish Don't Mind
by Adam Toth

Disliking this album is difficult. It's one of those sounds that's hard to hate. The music is melodic, the vocals harmonious, and the lyrics are fun despite their not always cheery undertones. I was tapping my toes more than I ever thought music talking about flesh and bones would ever make me tap them. I even venture to say the vocal sound often has a hint of Ben Folds in it along with a strong resemblance to the Lures. So where does this album go wrong? Well, unfortunately, as easy as the music is to enjoy, there's nothing that spectacular about it.

Overall, it's a solid album -- short but sweet. It won't leave you cringing and the rhythm is easy to get into. Basically, it's good, easy listening, but not a whole lot more. This is where I wish we had a number scale to rate these albums, because it'd be easier to explain my feeling of it being good but not great. But we don't have a number scale, so I'll leave you with that: good, but not great.

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