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January 25, 2008 - Neumo’s - Seattle, WA
by Dagmar Patterson

I'm calling it here that Switches are the best new band of 2007. I don’t care when they really got together or when they started playing live – in my world they appeared in 2007.

I caught them last summer for their first Seattle show as one of the only people even aware of who they were (people are fools and ignorant, what can I say?).  I was fortunate to interview them and was genuinely amused by them – they’re cute and interesting. They put on a fab live show with natural charm. But then they're also pretty glamorous in the classic "sexy, pretty British boys" way.

These same qualities came out again when they opened for the Bravery in January. Band catalyst/singer/guitarist Matt Bishop has the kind of petulant vocals that groan over the perfect sassiness of their songs. It's also a voice with quite a range. I love watching these guys play – from Ollie Thomas' rampant guitar playing to Thom Kirkpatrick's top-notch bass work and new drummer Steve Godfrey's presence – they're just spot-on, a perfect package. "Every Second Counts" had an exciting build to it, and the oohs of "Drama Queen"'s "Just get your ass through my door and don’t ask for the chance to give more," and the stomp of "Lay Down the Law" (Well she sure is cooking, cooking for me) were just wanton. When "Message from Yuz" urges you to
"Rip out your heart and give it to me," you want to.

They're infectious, snappy and will release a corker of a cd in the U.S. called
Lay Down the Law this March. The advance copy is evidence of something extraordinary – a ravishing collection of songs you ache for.

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