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Tahiti 80
November 12, 2006 – Crocodile Cafe – Seattle, WA
by Sherri Prunier

After a mediocre and somewhat bland set from opening act Brookville, the music of Tahiti 80 was like a welcomed sugar rush. The French band incorporates decades of influences into a modern style of electronic disco-pop and makes it all look effortless--creating a sound both charming and brilliant.  

Although it was a rainy Sunday night, I had expected a larger crowd. They’ve certainly packed the same venue in years past. Those who had braved the weather seemed mostly unresponsive; when lead vocalist/guitarist Xavier Boyer exclaimed “this one’s called ‘Better Days,'” you could have heard a trendy band pin drop from its messenger bag. The energy and enthusiasm of the band was irresistible, however, and the modest crowd was soon brought to life.

Though they were touring in support of their latest album,
Fosbury, the band played the perfect combination of new tracks and old favorites from albums like Puzzle and Wallpaper for the Soul. One of the strengths of Tahiti 80 is their dichotomy of complicated music with a delicate sound--a feat that came through wonderfully on the songs “Yellow Butterfly” and their hit “Changes.” Boyer’s whispery falsetto is soft and clear, keeping the exuberantly upbeat rhythms grounded with a touch of emotion.   

The band also has an adorable sense of humor, what with Boyer telling amusing anecdotes throughout the set and bassist Pedro Resende finishing out the show in his trademark panda bear hat. Overall it was a very enjoyable show--and props to Tahiti for winning over the audience.