Taking on the Take Action Tour
March 11, 2005
by Ashley Graham

Sometimes I get it into my head that a break from the hum drum of my favorites in the CD collection could be a worthwhile experience.  This line of thinking has brought me many amazing bands, most notably in the form of Bright Eyes in early 2003 and Pretty Girls Make Graves later that year. And in fact it very seldom steers me wrong. 

For this reason I decided to take up an offer to attend the Take Action Tour on February 24, 2005 with bands Sugarcult, Hawthorne Heights, Anberlin, and the band I was there to see following an interview earlier in the day, Plain White Tís.  To my credit (and thatís not ďindie cred,Ē whateverthehell that is) I only ended up staying for the Tís.  However, despite my greatest level of skepticism and detachment, I ended up dancing right along with the rest of that crowd Ė except, wait, correction: fifteen year olds donít dance at these shows.  So maybe I was alone on the dancing Ė point is I was dancing.

I canít decide now if the crowd of young teens is indicative of the musical quality or not.  If so, then perhaps I stepped backward a good six years in quality that evening.  Either way, it was enjoyable.

For at least the past couple of years I have been surrounded by music fans so diluted by the idea of following ďwhatís coolĒ they not only dress the same, they also canít manage to speak to you in most cases because they are too caught up in maintaining said ďcoolness.Ē  What I can say for the fans of Plain White Tís and the like is this; they arenít that way.  They still donít talk to you, but thatís because theyíre fifteen and what fifteen year old talks to strangers at shows?

My point is this; these people donít suck as much as fans of ďindieĒ music.  And their music really isnít too bad either.  Iím not switching teams just yet because it isnít quite that good for me personally, but if I could swap the fans, I would.  Music is a subjective experience and those that are listening only to what people tell them to are wasting their time.  Regardless of your musical preference (and Iím talking to the hipster ďindieĒ doofuses here), there is no sense, and no reason, in thinking youíre better because of it. 

In just a few of words Ė lighten up and start talking.
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