Tegan & Sara/The Ditty Bops
March 10, 2005 - The Crocodile - Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

They bicker back and forth, they crack jokes, they discuss the pain of having something in your eye, the awkwardness of a newly developed rash and their jealousy over the opening band’s dance moves.  They also sing. 

Twins Tegan and Sara Quin have been playing together forever and their bond shows.  They have a connection that likely only could exist between sisters and they make it obvious by way of carefree and meaningless insults and an array of inside jokes.  They both perform like they were born to the position and the music and harmony spill out of them in the most natural way. 

Their entertaining skills speak not only to their talent, but to their charm as well.  When an audience member suggests the two girls “make out,” Tegan launches into a long discussion of the Olsen twins and their apparent closeness, and how she and Sara have “never been that way.”  Sara laughs through the entire tirade, and especially at its conclusion, which states that the original suggestion makes Tegan “want to vomit.”

There is plenty to set the two girls apart and the set shows that as well.  Tegan is the owner of the eye problems, Sara owns the rash.  Tegan’s eyes are always aimed upward while she sings, Sara’s are seldom open.  Overall, though, Tegan and Sara are a unit.  Both put the same amount of energy and effort into their music, which is the show’s ultimate highlight, and both have the same sense of humor, which is the show’s biggest surprise.

Another great surprise is the night’s first set by Los Angeles’ The Ditty Bops.  One part swing, one part hoe-down and one part everything else, the Bops play for a half hour that excites the crowd in a way seldom seen from the often dreaded opening band.  The star of their show is front woman Amanda Barrett, who plays, sings, dances and never stops smiling.  The Ditty Bops could have played another fifteen minutes and been the star of the show, and it likely won’t be long before they are.

Tegan & Sara’s tour lasts through the end of March before they join The Killers on their U.S. tour beginning in mid-April.
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