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The Academy Is v. Daylight Basement
A March 10 Conundrum
by Ashley Graham

Want to see a great show on March 10? Unless you’ve already secured a ticket to the quadruple line-up at the Showbox that’s had me squealing for months, you might be shit outta luck! But wait! There’s more! Daylight Basement and Head Like a Kite take over the Crocodile for the unfortunate many left out at the Showbox (or just for those over 21… other than myself). Here’s how it shakes out…

The Academy Is/Panic! At the Disco – The Showbox – doors at 6pm – ALL AGES – SOLD OUT!

Teen-crush phenoms The Academy Is hit the Showbox with Panic! At the Disco, hellogoodbye and Acceptance in tow. Just three months ago TAI was opening for All-American Rejects at the same venue (and stealing the whole show), and just seven months before that they were on one of those nasty five-piece line-ups at El Corazon opening up for Mae. If you’ve read any of my previous Academy coverage, you know the score—I frickin’ love ‘em. See you there…


Three Imaginary Girls Presents: Daylight Basement/Head Like A Kite/Panda & Angel – The Crocodile – doors at 10pm – 21+
Everybody’s been telling me for the past few months to pay attention to Daylight Basement, but I’ve still never heard one of their songs. I had every intention of making this show until I found out it was the same day as the party-fest mentioned above. I caught Panda & Angel opening for The Elected in January, though, and they’re worth the $7 all on their own. Bottomline—this is a fine consolation prize for missing the REAL party of the night.

(Ashley would like to point out the tongue-in-cheek-nessnessness of all of the above. She will, however, be attending and dancing and singing along at the Academy Is on Friday, before hopefully running over to the Crocodile to catch her first Daylight Basement experience.)