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The Black Angels
The Black Angels
by Katie Sauro

There is nothing sparse or simple about the Black Angels’ debut, self-titled E.P. A constant grinding distortion, a la Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, underlies each song and is met with trance-inducing psychedelia and a cacophony of guitars and heavy bass.

All four songs on the E.P. are dark, with a Velvet Underground-inspired drone and biting lyrics, especially “The First Vietnamese War,” probably the blackest song on the album, even though a tambourine plays jollily through the entire thing. Frontman Alex Maas’ angry whine proclaims, “You sent me overseas and put the fear in me.” 

The sound is garage-meets-psychedelia, with buzzing distortion and heavy rhythms overshadowing echo-y vocals, creating an ominously brooding atmosphere. Fans of The Warlocks and the aforementioned BRMC should give this record a spin.

The Black Angels’ E.P. is available now on Seattle’s Light in the Attic Records.  For more information on the band, visit