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The Blakes
August 31, 2006 - The Echo - Los Angeles, CA
by Ashley Graham

I have discovered the greatest thrill of my existence in Los Angeles: touring Seattle bands stopping through town. Example A? The Blakes.

Easily, EASILY, my favorite Seattle band, the move to Los Angeles has been made all the easier knowing that the Blakes were on their way in August. August 31, in fact, at one of the hippest clubs in the hippest neighborhood of LA (they even played the hippest band from the hippest neighborhood at the hippest club that night, Silversun Pickups). I dragged newly-recruited friends to the Echo for a short set from the boys that would make me feel more at home in this horribly (but not horrible!) new place.

And they did. Granted, Katie wasn’t rocking out next to me, and Dagmar wasn’t snapping pictures furiously at the stage, and it wasn’t the beloved Crocodile Café, and there wasn’t a slew of other Seattle bands hanging about to play before or after, but the Blakes were familiar, as loveable as ever, and just… perfect.

It is so rewarding to see a band you’ve watched elsewhere win over a crowd in a new place. True, they’ve got connections in the local scene (Garnett tells that he lived a short distance from the Echo a few years ago), but their home now is Seattle, and a crowd like the one at the Echo is indicative of what great things lie ahead for these talented gents. I look forward to it.

(I also snagged a copy of the new disc,
Let it Loose, and fuck-goddamn, that is one great CD. All the faves are there, along with those couple of new tracks on MySpace that will easily win you over. We’ll review in greater detail soon.)

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