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editor's note
The Blood Brothers
Young Machetes
by Anthony Stassi

You either like the Blood Brothers or you donít. And since theyíre a band that will never, for any reason, stray too far from their thrashy, grassroots sound, no new album will ever change that. In that sense, they defy the preconception that bands, as they get older, should mature and write ďtastefulĒ music. You know, tone it down. But isnít tasteful kind of boring? If thereís anything the Blood Brothers will never be, itís boring. Instead, they will continually evoke the mental image of kids in a garage sniffing glue and beating on brats; the Ramones of our generation, if you will. 

The story with
Young Machetes is no different. Itís still the same brand of A.D.D. punk rock; maybe catchier and better produced but the spazticity is still there. And while, with each album, they bare more of their potential to write accessible songs, itís potential that will never be fully fulfilled. Thatís the best part. Deliberately unrealized potential is so in these days! The two or three tracks of focused, stripped songwriting allowed for Johnny Whitney to break some new ground vocally. At times, he channels the ghosts of Jeff Buckley and Joe Strummer; I shit you not.

On a side-note, if you donít go see the Blood Brothers and ...Trail of Dead on their co-headlining tour then youíre a boob.

Editor's Note: And on another side note, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO JOHNNY WHITNEY'S HAIR? u-g-m-o.

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