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The Blood Brothers / Celebration / Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death
April 27, 2007 - The Showbox - Seattle, WA
by Melissa Mueller

I’ve never quite understood why the Blood Brothers have maintained such a young fan base in their 10 year existence, and their latest show at the Showbox didn’t really clear that up for me. Nevertheless, despite 14-year-old scensters and their parents waiting on the sidelines to pick them up, the oh-so-humble Blood Brothers made a lasting impression on me, and surprisingly fun openers Celebration and Triumph Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death (I actually had to go to their myspace to look up their full name) made the show truly the best place to be on this particular Friday night.

When Lethargy… first opened the show, they faced a tough crowd. Deep in the mosh pit stretched out die-hard, mascara-laden Blood fans that had been waiting in a line that circled the block around the Showbox for god knows how long, eagerly anticipating some damn good music. The band’s opening songs did little to fuel the crowd’s excitement, but as time went on, the group had easily won over everyone, even me. Maybe it was the lead singer randomly stage diving into the audience in the middle of the set. Maybe it was the awesome saxophone player jamming along to the furious drumbeats. But what really won me over was the end of their set, where they played a kickass, 8-minute jam filled with rapid shifts from one instrument to the other, ending the set with the lead singer hoisting up the guitar player (or was it bass player?... at this point it was hard to see amongst all the thrashing of the pit.) He held him upside down as he continued to play, and then they both threw themselves to the audience. True rock and roll indeed.

Celebration was on next, and I had heard good things about these contemporary rockers, and they didn’t disappoint. A lot of songs from their set seemed derived from cabaret culture, and lead vocalist Katrina Ford is amazing to watch onstage. She switched back and forth from a tambourine to banging a drum, at one point even shaking her ass at the crowd. Ford describes it best on the band’s website, explaining that she truly wants to create an experience for show goers. "I want the line between the people on stage and the people watching to be blurred," she says. "When people on both sides cross the lines and forget their assigned roles, they forget who they are — you've forgotten your problems, you've forgotten the world, and abandoned yourself to the music and the moment." Without a doubt, her mission was accomplished, especially considering the restless nature of younger audiences. But the band had no trouble winning over the crowd, with Ford herself lamenting that this was the last night they would be touring with the Blood Brothers, and how much they would be missed.

By the time the Blood Brothers hit the stage, everyone was ready. I was told by my friends before I attended the show that the Blood Brothers are very entertaining to watch, and I can now attest to how true this is. I was taken aback by how humble the band was as they introduced themselves to the audience before starting their set. They played a good mix from their latest album
Young Machetes, such as “Set Fire to the Face on Fire” and mixed it up with great oldies, such as “Teen Heat” and “Beautiful Horses.” I can’t even begin to explain the frenzy that was the mosh pit, but needless to say, there were water bottles and shoes thrown around, which prompted singer Jon Whitney to remark, “Why do people always throw shoes on stage? I often ponder this.” The Blood Brothers had little use to talk though, and played a long and very memorable set. After a brief intermission in which they fooled some fans into thinking they were done (hence some people leaving) they returned and played 4 more songs before calling it a night.

This goes without saying, but to truly experience the madness that is the Blood Brothers, you have to catch them live. There is some kind of raw energy that you only get from their live shows.

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