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The Clarks
Still Live
by Betsy Ellison

The Clarks have been around for 20 years, after meeting at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Still Live, their second live CD, was taped during a four night stand at a theater in Pittsburgh, along with footage that was used for a live DVD, also called Still Live. Interestingly enough, the CD and DVD have different track listings and different takes of the songs. That's a nice bonus for a big fan of the band, who would probably be buying both the CD and DVD. However, I'd suggest the CD for a more casual listener, because while live DVDs are nice if you're a fan of the band, they can be a bit boring if you're not. After viewing the DVD, it's safe to say that The Clarks put on a decent, solid show. They get out there and play their instruments, and you can tell that they've been a band for a long time based on how tight they all are. The Clarks play pop rock, and have played with bands like OAR, Steely Dan, and have co-headlined with Three Doors Down. They've also played on "The Late Show with David Letterman," which is nice for any band. The Clarks aren't breaking any new ground with their music, but they seem to have found their niche.