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editor's note
The Kooks
December 5, 2007 - Everett Events Center - Everett, WA
review and photos by Nate Manning

5pm on a Thursday. Not the most enviable of spots to be in--but that’s exactly where The Kooks found themselves as being the opener for 107.7 The End’s annual Deck the Hall Ball. The night included headlining pop-rock heavyweights Jimmy Eat World and Modest Mouse. So, in typical Northwest fashion, attendees showed up much later than The Kooks opening set. The Kooks are another one of those bands currently that are either loved or hated because of the similarity with other much-hyped Brit-pop bands. Are they covering ground not already explored by The Libertines, The Arctic Monkeys, etc, etc? Not really. However, the tremendous hype is not their doing nor are the constant comparisons to the Sheffield boys (Arctic Monkeys).

The Kooks played to a few hundred people at their 5pm start time and by the end of their half hour or so set, there may have been a few more hundred. Six or seven hundred people is no small audience, unless you’re in an arena as this night’s show was. It didn’t, however, stop them from coming out swinging right out of the gate. A benefit of being the opener--leaving it all on stage--and that is what The Kooks did. Some attendees weren’t as familiar the songs--so there wasn’t as much singing along with the band as might have been expected from a national touring act--but they did play the requisite “hits” and by the end of the set the crowd that was there was singing along and shouting for more when they ended with “Thanks so much…we’re The Kooks…see you next time.” And I bet people will, see them next time that is--when they aren’t playing at 5pm on a Thursday.

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