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editor's note
The Loft
Itís About Time
by Melissa Mueller

The first thing that immediately popped into my head when I heard The Loftís latest CD is, "Great, here comes another Soundgarden wannabe about 10 years too late." Then I actually listened to the rest of the CD and became quickly bored, and I KNOW Soundgarden would never do that to me.

Nashville rockers The Loft have been around for about 10 years but are only well known to the Southeast states of Kentucky, Georgia, and North Carolina, which explains why seemingly no one in the Northwest, much less Seattle has heard of them. And based on
Itís About Time, I donít think the competing music scenes will be much impressed.

According to their biography, The Loft has been compared to Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Black Crowes, but the influence is lacking in their music. Itís more like an Eagles cover band gone terribly, terribly wrong. The first track ďSympathetic BluesĒ starts off with a Chris Cornell-like scream but quickly fades into bland dribble. Then thereís the mess known as ďBitchĒ which is not a cover of the Meredith Brooks song of the same title (but probably would have been better than this), which is a little bit of country, and yes a little bit of rock and roll. From start to finish the album has no strong song that stands out and
the bandís history explains a lot behind their music, I think--they started out as a band in high school in 1996 and simply never grew up. Check them out if you donít trust my humble opinion, but unless youíre over the age of 40 and from the Bible Belt, Iím willing to bet good money you wonít be hooked (and thatís saying something, because Iím broke!)

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