Emerging from the New York music scene is no easy feat for a young band when so much of music sounds the same and so much of that same sound is, at this late in the game, quite tiresome.  Luckily, New York still has something to offer, this time in the form of the eccentricity of The Occasion.  With a name fitting to their break from the characteristic mainstream, The Occasion blend a wide variety of influences to sculpt a sound that is both original and intoxicating.

Attempting a revival of a different sort than the boredom of what has been done recently by their peers, The Occasion is reminiscent of sounds spanning not just years but decades.

"We draw from a broad range of musical influences, " bassist Marlon Sporer said via e-mail, "Our songs reflect an attempt at not imitating them."

The Occasion; Sporer, Sara Shaw (tape loops, percussion), Brent Cordero (vocals, pianos), Jordi Wheeler (vocals, guitars), and Charles Burst (vocals, drums, cymbals) is poised and ready to impress.  Their live show has already gotten rave reviews around the New York area, and their EP is just getting ready to wow music fans across the country.

But The Occasion don't seem to be getting too far ahead of themselves.  Instead of lofty ideals of fame and fortune, their approach is simple.

"I don't think we're trying to add anything," Sporer said, "We play music because we enjoy it.  We do our best to make something unique."

The Occasion's self-titled debut EP is being released on Say Hey Records October 19th.  For more information head to
www.theoccasion.org or www.sayheyrecords.com
Up and Coming: New York's THE OCCASION
by Ashley Graham
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