The Pale
November 23, 2004 - Neumos - Seattle, WA
review by Melissa Mueller
While The Pale's record, Gravity Gets Things Done, is best described as a headphone record, best for lazy and relaxing days, their live shows demonstrate that the band has more energy (and modesty) than shown on the LP.

Despite technical difficulties and start up problems, the crowd was patient as they waited for the band to take the stage.  "Thanks for being patient," lead singer Gabe Archer said before he kicked into the first song.  Archer changed gears frequently, from singing smoothly to rocking out ferociously on his guitar and keyboards.  The second song, "Big Dumb Smile," is the catchiest on the album and appeared to be a crowd favorite.  Archer positively breathed the lyrics, "All the while, with your big dumb smile."  He even paid props to his hometown saying, "I'm very proud to be from Bellingham," to which the audience cheered their approval.

The Pale treated the crowd to two covers.  The first was a cover of Billy Joel's "Movin' Out" and every band member really got into it, which trickled down to the audience as they cheered multiple times during the song.  They also covered The Police's "Walking on the Moon."  Additionally, they previewed some songs off of their upcoming record, one in particular called "Written Down" which is faster and contains slightly harder riffs than their previous material.  Another song, whose title was not introduced, promises dreamier ethereal pop tunes similar to

What makes The Pale really stand out, musically and as a band, is their humble attitude.  Despite microphone problems during their set, the band continued to play on, and took it all in good humor.  Archer apologized and thanked the audience for "being so nice."  They ended their set with "Wake Up Call," a quicker paced, even pop-rockish tune in which in the middle Archer paused to chuckle, and then kicked back into gear, singing with a higher falsetto range.

If the songs previewed at the show are any indication of what's to come on The Pale's new album, then fans should be pleased.  The Pale's album doesn't do their live show justice, as the audience can clearly see the band come alive through the music and the crowd at their shows.  The Pale's positive attitude is a breath of fresh air in an industry where many musicians take themselves too seriously.  As the band wrapped up, Archer eagerly waved goodbye to the crowd, clearly happy to be where he is.  For this show at least, The Pale got things done and then some.
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