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The Ruse
Light in Motion
by Betsy Ellison

Light in Motion is the second album from Los Angeles based quartet The Ruse. The album opens up with "Everything Comes With a Price," a solid, though lyrically lacking, song. The entire album starts off fairly decent. About halfway through, though, things start going south. With the song "Goodbye," John Dauer, the singer, starts channeling Chris Martin and pretending he's in Coldplay. Now, Coldplay is a good band, so trying to sound like them isn't necessarily bad, but here it is. He is trying to sound EXACTLY like Chris Martin, and instead of perhaps using them as an influence, he's trying to rip them off. It makes me wonder if perhaps The Ruse aren't secure enough in their own musical ability and feel the need to be an entirely different band. But this isn't to say the CD isn't very good—I mean, they're trying to be Coldplay, not say, Whitesnake, and they do an all right job of ripping off Coldplay, so it can only be so bad. With the state of a lot of "rock" music these days, and by that I mean a lot of the stuff you hear on top-40 radio, these guys should be going somewhere. The album is slick (and I'd say overproduced), the pictures of them on their website make them appear to be good looking guys, and the songs are pretty poppy and catchy, so I'd be surprised if they didn't start popping up on MTV and the radio soon. The album is due out on February 28.