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The Slits / Dmonstrations
November 22, 2006 - El Corazon - Seattle, WA
The Slits Listening Party with DJ Ari-Up, Ramen Slug and The Histrionics
November 24, 2006 - The Funhouse - Seattle, WA
by Ashley Graham

Punk history will tell us the story of a band called the Slits, who formed in 1976, were around for awhile causing a stir, opening for the Clash, being young and wacky, and then vanished into the mist of that heavy, heavy, Ď80s fog (early on). Iím too young to know the Slits, itís true, and before their new disc,
Revenge of the Killer Slits, happened through the mail to me, I had no freakiní clue who they were. And when you find out about something after-the-fact like that, itís often hard to understand the importance. But, legendary status is legendary status, and a shit-ton is being made of the Slitsí reunion. There are plenty of reasons to attend their show at El Corazon on Wednesday, then. 1) You donít have to get up early the next day (Ďless youíre the one cookiní the bird maybe), 2) I saw the ladies of the Slits at the Troubadour on Friday night and they were incredibly excited to be there--and it swirled about the room. Like I said, legend is legend, foo. And 3) Well, these guys, who are opening the show and just so happen to be about one of my favorite things to happen in the last few months.

AND, after youíre done shoviní the turkey down, we HIGHLY suggest you get your Slits on one-a-more time at the Funhouse on Friday, when The Wig presents a VERY SPECIAL SLITS LISTENING PARTY with performances from DJ Ari-Up (of the Slits), Ramen Slug (a band who may or may not be playing under an assumed name), and locals the Histrionics. Too much fun for a Friday. ENJOY!

Essential Info.
The Venue: El Corazon
The Support: Dímonstrations, Tall Birds, The Heavy Hearts
The Date: November 22
The Time: 9pm
The Price: $12
The Catch: 21+

The Venue: The Funhouse
The Support: Ramen Slug, The Histrionics
The Date: November 24
The Time: 8:30pm
The Price: $8
The Catch: 21+