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The Sounds
May 6, 2006 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA
May 21, 2006
by Ashley Graham

It’d been just over two years since my last encounter with the Sounds and I was more than a little concerned about the band’s staying power stepping through the doors of El Corazon. Hopes were high. Really high. I’d been looking forward to the night since the day we got confirmation for the extravaganza at my, er, day job.

But, what was I so worried about? After all, their latest disc,
Dying to Say This to You is a pretty clear indication of the band as a live set—and all that have heard that little half hour of wonder know just what amazement that entails.

Maja Ivarsson starts out a little shaky, her vocals and her energy aren’t of the bombast and craziness exhibited on past stages. But somewhere in the middle of the fourth or fifth song she becomes aware of it. Suddenly she’s kicking her legs up, screaming in the faces of unsuspecting kids, spitting at them and lunging on the ground at the feet of guitarist Felix Rodriguez (with whom there is repeatedly a bit of sexual tension).

Really, it’s pretty frickin’ crazy how great the Sounds are. Even when exhausted at the end of their tour (Seattle marked the very last night), the Swedish five piece packs a punch that’s considered pretty much unfathomable by the bulk of bands on the road today.

The tussled hair and slick designer clothes can be a little distancing for the group, but their charm lies in what takes place between them on stage. There are neverending smiles and energy radiating from each of the members and it’s clear that, with the attitude in full presence, this band still loves to perform.

And their energy just so happens to be crazy-infectious, with a power so strong it can make anybody in attendance—fan or not—weak in the knees.

(As for Morningwood—I can appreciate what they are trying to do/get away with, but I can’t say I approve of female lead Chantel Claret sticking her face down the underwear of a supposedly-18 year old kid.)